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Winter-Spring Programs

DCCC Program Details 總部

 Dufferin Clark Community Center (DCCC)       

1441 Clark Ave. West, Concord, Ontario   L4J 7R4  

North Thornhill Community Center (NTCC)          康山中心
300 Pleasant Ridge Ave., Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 9B3  

                 *****                    ******             ******

Vellore Village Community Center  (VVCC)                    西京中心

1  Villa Royale Ave., Woodbridge, Ontario,  L4H 2Z7


Remarks :
(1) If the weather condition is bad &/or at low temperature (below zero degree Celsius) please phone the FCSAV head office 905-832-8554 ext-7731 one hour before to see if your program is cancelled or not.

如遇天氣欠佳, 雪,雨或零度以下寒冷,請在1小時前致電 中心總部 905-832-8554 分機7731 查詢以確保該日是項活動有否取消。