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Singing is good for your mind and soul.  From ancient times, singing together in harmony has been a powerful source of energy, expression, connection, joy, comfort and communication.

It's all about:

  • Refined listening skills
  • enjoying your unique voice whist being a part of a harmonious whole
  • gaining confidence in yourself and your ability to express yourself
  • developing sensitivity and musicality
  • encouraging increasing lung capacity
  • enchanting the world with sound
  • constructive use of  the brain

All sessions beginwith breathing exercises and a vocal warm up.  This leads on to rhythm exercises using hands and voice.

The warm up is followed by the teaching of simple rounds or part songs by ear to begin to get the group used to singing together in harmony.  At this stage it is important that the music is easily do-able to begin to build confidence.  Being able to create a harmonious sound so quickly also encourages people.

All teaching takes place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere of acceptance.  People are encouraged to listen to each other as well as to sing.