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Exercise in the morning has a lot of advantage to our health.  It stimulates the body’s internal energy and keeps it elevated for hours.   We feel more alert and energetic for the day.

A series of morning exercises were designed for our seniors.  They do warm up, stretching, breathing exercise, light dance and Tai Chi for 90 minutes with a 15 minutes rest in between.  Under the exercise music, the instructors lead all the way in front and around the gym. 

This exercise is our most popular program activity.  It runs three mornings a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We are happy to see our seniors come and enjoy a workout together.  Healthy lifestyle for the seniors is one of our club’s objectives.


 1. Exercise - Te Yuen Sin Tian demonstration

 2.Exercise videos


Tai Chi sculpture by Taiwan scalptor Ju Ming (朱銘)