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 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can I join the First Chinese Senior Association of Vaughan?

First you should find out from our personnel if you are eligible to join the association.  If you are eligible, you can then complete an application form and return it to theFCSAV office, located at Dufferin Clark Community Centre. The form can be obtained on-line or from the office.

2.  How much is the membership fee?

The annual fee is $15.   (Please call 905-832-8554 ext 7731 for details)

3.  Where can I get the association's program of activities?

The program can be found here on the club’s website or you can obtain a hard copy from the association's office.

4.  How can I find out if the activities for the day are on or not?

Activities may be cancelled due to poor weather (eg, snowstorm, thunderstorm, windstorm, unseasonally low or high temperatures, etc) .  You can call (905) 832-8554 ext 7731 one hour ahead of the scheduled start time to verify whether the event or activity is still happening. 

5.  What kind of footwear should I wear in the gymnasium?

You should wear sport shoes in the gymnasium.  This would reduce the chance of getting the feet hurt during exercises and the possible damage to the hardwood floor.  You could bring the shoes in for change during winter time and on rainy days.

6.   How do I get admitted to the activities of interest to me?

You must first register.  Thereafter, everytime you come to an activity you have already been admitted to, wear the association's name badge for identification purposes and sign in.  Non-members would pay $5 every time and wear a guest badge.

7.    What precautionary measures should I take against possible mishaps?

You should write down the emergency contact person’s name and phone number on the back of your badge.

1.       8.   What is the club policy regarding the personal information and pictures of the members taken during the club activities?

Member information will be collected and kept by FCSAV and the appropriate recreation and culture departments of the City of Vaughan for the purpose of record keeping and all other official business. 

All photos, still and videos taken during FCSAV programs and activities are property of FCASV and are at the club's disposal for the purpose of, but not limited to, publications, promotions, advertisements of FCSAV and the City of Vaughan.  Members who do not wish to participate should give written notice to the club in advance and are advised NOT TO attend the related photo-taking occasions.

(P/S  - FCSAV is the short form of First Chinese Senior Association of Vaughan)

9.   What is the priority for members in participating in the club’s event?

For all the club’s events, priority will first be given to the active members.

10.  Can members get refund when withdraw from the club activities?

No, there will not be any refund.   

11.  Can members bring in young kids for babysitting on the sideline during morning exercise?

 No, it is not allowed to bring small kids to the exercise ground.  Reasons being,

i.         Seniors may get distracted by their kids during exercise and may get hurt themselves.

ii.       Kids running around will disturb other seniors doing exercise.

iii.      kids may get hurt running around in the gym.